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Our Mission

To be the strongest network of effective, diversified Believers promoting global CHANGE through RELATIONSHIP , TEACHING, TRAINING & SERVICE.

Our Vision

To strengthen, empower, serve & support individuals searching for their purpose! Ultimately assisting, developing & nurturing them to a place of balance. 

We plan to empower them to impact their local communities, churches and business leaders through prayer, service and innovative training.


We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our communities by teaching in excellence & leading by example.



DV Builds falls under the umbrella of Declare Victory that is designed to en gauge BOTH the homeless population and youth, male and female that have a desire to learn a trade. (Trades For Change) Inner city underserved that may have social economic struggles. Each will be coupled with a tradesman and learn one or multiple aspects of "general contracting" This program is designed to meet several needs. Fosters a mentor and peer cooperation relationship, develops a stellar work ethic, affordable labor for the Licensed GC involved, provides an opportunity for the participant to have a positive male influence, and reminds each participant that the community in which they live is their responsibility. The final outcome is to beautiful the city and surrounding areas manually, Graffiti, abandoned buildings, DV Transitional House, Victory House (Youth Center)

DV Cares | DV Gives

DV Cares is dedicated YOUTH on every level, academically, social responsibility, financial training and development, leadership skill/public speaking, entrepreneurial training, (Challenged Sentiments) and writing workshops, social media marketing strategy, Blogging, Vlogging and YouTube Chanel's.

DV Gives :  scholarship program & Gala

Assistance with College Applications and Scholarship Completion.

Christmas Drives

Back to school supplies  

DV Hopes 

DV Hopes is dedicated to focusing on feeding and clothing for the homeless population. Food drives, clothing drives, care packs with general hygiene needs. (Shower house) and TINY HOUSE collaboration with the DV Trades For Change Program! VICTORY CITY Property acquired will focus on building a safe place to receive mail, computer station, feeding, safe place to sleep, job training and prep, resume writing and potential job placement opportunities.


DV Lifts is focused on creating relationships with local children's hospitals opening doors for volunteer services in Cancer & Sickle cell Anemia | Oncology | Hematology | Neurology  . (All can be applied toward college entrance applications) This division will also be responsible for serving "Hospital Mom's" family's who's lives are interrupted by a child suffering with a chronic illness that lends to long hospital stays and frequent ER visits. (Gift bags with basic hygiene needs-clean undergarments-comb & brush) Bill pay assistance. This is dedicates to Michael Josiah Denham Who is still surviving cancer after being diagnosed 8/16/22 

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