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Our Executive Administrator 


Monique “Moni” Galan-Ramirez


Moni is on the Senior Leadership of Declare Victory serving as the Administrative Executive.


Moni has been the Administrative Executive since 2016. Moni's administrative responsibilities include logistics, scheduling, planning, training and maintaining an internal database of service structure.


She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is currently being ordained as a Licensed Minister through Gateway City Church San Jose Campus. Prior to Declare Victory Monique has served  in Children's Ministry Leadership, Community Outreach, Prophetic Ministry and countless other Ministry's Leadership. 


Moni is married to Claudio. They have three beautiful children and one grandchild named Omar. They enjoy spending time with family, cooking and supporting the San Francisco 49ers Football Team. 


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Dewanda Stewart

Richmond Ca.

Reverand Dr. Lawrence Vanhook

Oakland Ca.

Dionne Jackson

Richmond Ca. Native Vallejo Ca. Resident

Mashani Allen

Florida Born Current Los Angelas Resident

Angela Holmes

Sacramento Ca.

Tania Not Tanya Alexander

San Francisco Ca. Born and bread current East Bay Area Resident

EK Dawson

Vallejo Ca. Native

San Francisco Ca.

Marcus Dyson Teacher father, musician, leader, friend... Minister; gives a share that ties in mental, emotional physical and spiritual elements have to do with healing! He gives a practical way to address brokenness and the opposed as it relates to finding balance to heal THY self. How it impacts your thought process your progress and how to change it. Join us as we unpack the truth about healthy!

June's Theme is Trust one of the most volital emotions to date.

Student, Teacher, life long learner has the most powerful way of sharing the word of God from a profound place. Santos Howard is highly educated, extremely discerning and always prepared to give an answer. Listen in as he shares his perspective on healing first and foremost of self. How the Law can impact your thinking. How do we move past it and go forward in the things of God! Listen in and share! 

Cultural Difference generational curses

If you have never encounter Moses Abrego humble is the first word that comes and shortly thereafter what comes to mind wisdom, prophetic, teacher, pastor, technical producer. Join him and us as we hear how God gives it to his heart to our ears. Life altering teaching that will give you a clear view into other cultures and prevent you from conforming to the culture! 

Vallejo Ca.

Join Us as we hear Valerie the Encourager's idea of healing and the impact that it has on the world changing the impact on generations to come. Valerie and her positive carefree idea is and continues to inspires, liberate and motivate women and young ladies to SCRIBE their way to freedom. Her candid transparency is freeing and empowers those around her to do the same! Join the journey with us as she shares! 

One of the most humble men although he has a reason to boast, but because He knows the author of his confidence and his revelation knowledge. Minister Philip Watson is a profound scholar and a Jesus Lover! Literally! Watson's passion and tenacity as he teaches is riveting. Music guru, demon slayer Holy Ghost invoke Watson will make you look at trust differently. Listen and learn the WHY of your need to trust Him completely. Catch his PERISCOPE Channel ( Learn the power of prayer, experience true deliverance with Minister Watson! Your life will never be the same!


Be sure to check out his latest single (

Or Purchase the album here! ( #FF 

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